by Jacqueline Ball

Step 1:

Tease the hair at the top of the crown with a teasing comb(can be found at any CVS)  Do this in three separate layers to achieve the most height.  Make sure you are really brushing down by the scalp so you don’t knot it up.

Step 2:

Hair spray (Ellnet is the best) where you just teased and let it dry while holding the hair up.

Step 3:

Grab your ‘bump’ comb (5.99 at CVS) and place the comb part toward the back of your head. Slide it in and then place the rest of your hair over it. With the teasing and the comb you should have a nice little bump!  Pin it in place in the back and then smooth out top of hair with regular comb. Spray all over and your done!